I posted an enquiry with words in videos for a transcription job in an African Language. I got the best quote from them but I was asked to pay an advance as a new customer. I was hesitant to pay but had no choice as there was no other offer and I had to deliver the work to my client urgently, so I paid. I was pleasantly surprised at the service provided to me. First I was sent a sample without my asking to approve the quality. Once I approved the same my job was delivered in time and with super quality. I have since been working with words in videos for the last 2 years.


We gave an order to WIV for subtitling, during the course of completion we got some changed instructions from our client which we informed WIV. We were told that the job was half done already and to make changes and deliver the job as per delivery commitment was not possible I was very worried about cancellation with my client. I requested for extension and I was given 3 days by my client. I informed WIV. I was very happy that my job was delivered with only 1 day of delay inspite of changes to be made. I would recommend WIV without question.

I am essentially a freelancer specializing in translation. I got a job from a very old client to do subtitling with time coding I took the job, but after trying few times I could not get the time code right in the video. I approached WIV and informed them that I want transcription done with time coding. They accepted the job. The project was subtitling on a 30-minute video. I received the project in SRT format with time coding. I enquired this and was informed that I have misunderstood my client’s requirement. I reconfirmed from my client and sent them the project. My client was very happy with the work and it saved me a lot of embarrassment from my client. Thanks to a team of words in videos for guiding me.

We had a movie project to be done in 3 Indian languages. The total was 15 movies in 3 languages and the time given to me by my client was very short. I gave this project to words and videos team. They got the entire project done from 5 persons each in all the 3 languages. I was very satisfied when I checked the work done that the company had taken special care to maintain and check the language consistency in all movies of the same language in spite of job being done by different persons. I appreciate the quality check at words in videos.

I am a regular supplier to large production houses with very strict norms and quality checks. I tried many agencies but always had some issues regarding the guidelines to do the job. I gave a small project of 60 minute T V serial to be subtitled in 3 languages to Words in Videos. I discussed the guidelines and shared the instruction of the client with them. I was assured that they already knew the guidelines. I was delivered the project which was as per the guidelines of my client. I will engage them for my next project also.

I had a transcription job of highly technical nature in the medical field for transcription from an audio file. I sent an enquiry to this company and also to other companies. I had asked for quotation along with a sample of earlier work done of similar nature. I received the quotation of others with samples of their client’s work. I got a mail from this company giving me the quote but they showed their inability to provide me samples of any client of theirs without the approval of the client. They, however, offered me to do a sample of my work free of cost, without any obligation on me to place the order with them. I sent them a small sample which was received promptly by me and I found the sample meeting my specification. I placed the order and got delivery well in time. I will recommend words in videos for any technical job.

I was looking for a good freelancer or agency to do regular work. I approached many suppliers who worked as freelancer and agencies and asked for their rates in various language pairs. I also got a quote from WIV, I was surprised that I was given the most competitive rates by them. I tried to negotiate but  I was politely informed that the rates are non-negotiable as best rates have been quoted. I was also assured that all rates are transparent and can be re-verified anytime from their company. I was quite impressed that in this Industry there was someone who at least had fixed and transparent pricing policy.

We are a legal firm having our offices in South Africa. We have to get a lot of Translation done of  English into the local language. The language spoken are very uncommon and to find a person who can translate these legal documents is very difficult. One of our clients suggested us to try words in videos. We approached them to translate a legal document from French to Yoruba. They gave us a quote for the same and we received our duly translated document as per time given and correct legal translation was done, now we use this agency for all our difficult language pairs and they are able to find someone to do the job. Thanks for the support!