Welcome to Words In Videos!

I take immense pleasure in introducing you to Words in videos. Here, we specialize in providing subtitling, transcription, content writing, designing and many other services as per the needs of our client.

I wish to share with you some of the interesting facts about this venture.

The ONE WORLD concept always excited me. I am a partner to one of the largest Translation companies of the world. The business grew and it was found necessary to specialize in the AV to text business. My other venture is named This is an online portal for learning languages through a virtual classroom. Words in videos was the natural and obvious choice of name a subtitling project.

I was lucky to have some very understanding and world renowned clients who helped me learn and grow. Thank you all for your guidance.

It started with a few clients and over the last 8 years, I have been able to provide service to some of the largest production houses of the world. Initially, the business was combined with Translation but the unprecedented growth in the Audio/Video to text business encouraged me to specialize and develop this business to effectively provide specialized services to clients globally.

During these 8 years, my team also created a strong database of over 10000 linguists. This now enables my company to provide services in over 200 language/ pairs.

I always believe that retention of a client is better and it is now a policy to try our best to keep our clients happy by delivering what we promise. Our team grows stronger and business is growing at steady pace specially because we do not advertise our client logos.

Our team is dedicated to work and committed to the values of the company. 4 international offices provide native intelligence and tactical support to better our services for our global clients.

It’s a matter of pride for us that we are able to retain 90% of our clients by providing prompt services. I believe in perfection and hence I oversee every project we get ensuring the best quality and delivery to our client.

I once again welcome you and hope to work with you.

Thanking you,